Yoga and physical complaints

Yoga and physical complaints

I suffer from a lot of stress. The doctor has advised me to start doing yoga, does that help?

Many people practise yoga to reduce stress, recharge their batteries or release tension. Yoga is a combination of breathing, physical exercise and concentration/meditation. It balances body and mind and makes you strong and calm. People who practice yoga regularly are vital and energetic, which makes them less susceptible to stress and illness.

I have back problems, is yoga good for me?

American scientific research has shown that yoga helps better with (lower) back pain than other exercise programmes. For yogis this is no surprise, because they know from experience that yoga strengthens the back muscles, makes the back flexible and improves posture. Yoga can reduce back pain and even help prevent chronic complaints. However, whether or not you can do yoga depends on the nature of your injury. Tell us what you're suffering from and we'll be happy to help.

Report any complaints
Newcomers should report any complaints immediately upon registration. Newcomers and advanced students should always report them before class. All teachers at AntwerpYoga are trained to guide people with complaints or injuries. We can judge which exercises are not good for you and we know the simplified versions or the alternative postures. Before class, do yourself and us a favour by reporting any complaints or pains.

What should I do if I have back, neck or shoulder complaints?

- Consult a doctor first.
- Please inform Antwerp Yoga about your injury and/or complaints.
- Take your complaints seriously and report them before each class.
- Follow the classes with special attention to back pain, for example Easy Flow Yoga.
- Does your recovery process require a more individual approach? During a private class you learn how to deal with your injury. We adapt the exercises so you can continue practicing yoga.

I sometimes have back pain during or after the lesson, why is that?

Yoga strengthens, lengthens and relaxes the back. It tackles stiff vertebrae and weak abdominal muscles. If you haven't exercised for a long time, your back is stiff. Yoga wakes up the back muscles, but be careful not to overwork them. Give your back a chance to get used to yoga.

How to treat your back with respect
- During class, listen carefully to your body and stop at any serious protest!
- Listen carefully to the teacher's instructions.
- Make sure you do all the yoga postures correctly.
- As soon as you feel your back it is not good. However, there is a difference between pains. The pain of overloading and of muscle stretching (pain you feel when stretching) feels very different. Don't you feel the difference? Call immediately for help from the teacher and ask how to proceed safely with the asana in question.