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We believe in the power of true Yoga, and so we offer authentic and accessible lessons in our urban sanctuary. Yoga is a lovely relaxation for you, and clears your mind, granting you a stronger and healthier body and more energy. You’ll feel better in your body because a yoga practice creates a beautiful inner harmony and balance. We heartily welcome you to then also become part of our community. We extend a warm welcome to our wonderful and peaceful studio located in the heart of Antwerp, where we gladly welcome beginners as well as experienced yogi’s. You can book your classes with our reservation system and our APP. First activate your account so that you may then book classes. The mobile APP is the easiest way to do this.

New to AntwerpYoga, or you don’t yet have an account?

Are you new to our studio? Then you can take advantage of our introductory pass. With this you get 3 weeks of unlimited access to our classes (you still need to reserve though). It is the perfect way in which to discovery your favourite style of Yoga and/or teacher and to get acquainted with us. Don’t forget to create an account online. You still don’t have an account? First make your selection for your one-off class, a multi-class pass, or membership and then set up your account via our on-line shop.

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Q: When is AntwerpYoga open?


You can visit us every day: we are open 7 days a week. The door of AntwerpYoga opens half an hour before the first yoga class. Latecomers have to be disappointed. Classes start punctually and the door closes as soon as the class starts. Yoga is about concentration, so we avoid walking in and out. On public holidays and during the holidays there is a special arrangement, you can find this on the timetable.

Q: When can I start?


Right now? You can start whenever you want. Our classes are continuous, which means you can join at any time. Think about your needs and wishes in advance. What do you want? What do you expect from the class? Are you looking for physical exertion or peace and quiet? At Yoga Styles you can read what you can expect from our yoga classes. If you are a beginner, start in the classes marked 'basic' on the timetable. As a beginner you are also welcome in the yin and Mysore classes.

Q: Do I have to register for each class or can I come whenever I want?


We ask you to register online. This way we can avoid overcrowded classes and offer you the quality you deserve. Is this your first time? Come at least 15 minutes before your class starts. That way we can show you the way in our studio. The door of the studio opens half an hour before the first class. Take this opportunity to roll out your mat and get to know yourself. It is wonderful to be able to let go of the hectic of the day before class starts. You can register here

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