Starting with Yoga

Starting with Yoga

I am not flexible, is yoga for me?

Do you have to be able to play the piano to take piano lessons? You don't have to be flexible to practise yoga, yoga makes you flexible! In fact, if you are quite stiff, you are an ideal candidate to start practising yoga. If you practice yoga regularly, you will quickly become flexible. You'll love yoga, because you'll progress quickly and that will give you pleasure and satisfaction.

It is my first time practising yoga, which class should I start with?

Almost all classes at AntwerpYoga are dynamic forms of yoga. Within the dynamics, however, there are big differences. For instance, Easy Yoga and Yin Yoga Stretch are a lot calmer than Ashtanga Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga. At AntwerpYoga you can practice various styles of yoga and not all of them will fit you. Give yourself time to find out which style of yoga suits you best. Because only experience can tell, we work with turn cards. With these cards you are not stuck to a certain yoga class or yoga teacher and you can let your body and soul decide which class is right for you. Experience will tell, but you have to start somewhere. This is the best way to do it:

Step 1: choose a yoga form
Look at Yoga Styles on this website. There you will find an explanation of each class and what to expect. Choose the form that appeals to you the most, come to AntwerpYoga and jump in at the deep end. But make sure you start at the right level.

Step 2: determine your level
We offer classes for beginners and for advanced students. And for all ages. In the timetable we indicate the level of each class. Preferably - unless you are very flexible, physically strong or have a good condition - as a beginner you choose Level I. Is this level not programmed at the time you were planning to come? Then choose All Levels, during these classes all levels are taken into account. Here you can read what all levels stand for. Explanation levels

How often and for how long should I practice yoga?

Well, what is wisdom? If you leave that to us, you roll out your mat every day and bombard yoga with a lifestyle. But what do you want? And what exactly do you expect? What and how much you get out of yoga is up to you! In general, the more often you do it, the greater the effect. We, the teachers of AntwerpYoga, practice every day. Yoga brings a zest for life and it enriches our lives so much that we really don't want to do without it anymore.

For maximum effect and lasting change, we recommend that you practice one to one and a half hours of yoga at least two to three times a week. If you can't make it, don't worry. Don't be limited by time and certainly don't set yourself unrealistic goals. Every time you practice yoga, it adds to the quality of your life. It is best to do it as often as possible, but it is even more important that you do yoga. Even if it's only twenty minutes at a time.

The way to a life full of yoga
Yoga is healthy. For your body, your mind and your soul. The benefits of yoga are enormous, but in short you feel fitter, have more energy and are more relaxed in life. The amazing effect of yoga is especially noticeable when you do it often. By the way, did you know that the way to a yoga rich life is quite natural? The more often you do it, the more effect it has and the more pleasure and satisfaction you get from it. The positive effects pile up and after a while you don't want to do without. As soon as you can, you roll out your mat with great pleasure.