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Gilles Hertoghe:

He took over his father's practice and has been active as a certified physiotherapist, osteopath D.O., kinesiologist (ICAK), posturologist and orthomolecular, clinical PNI therapist for 20 years.

Frederic De Vroey:


Luc Thyssen:

osteopath D.O,

Kris Abelshausen:

osteopath D.O,

For anyone who feels that their body is not 100% in order, no one needs to suffer pain, feel tired and listless, can no longer do certain sports...

Working method

Health will not only restore by treating the symptoms but by understanding how the body works.

In order to treat your symptoms, it is fundamental to understand how the human body works, which is why we focus on finding the CAUSE of your problems, because treating the symptoms alone will usually not produce lasting results.The place where pain is felt is usually the end result of a series of compensations that the body will automatically carry out to protect us from further damage.PINE has a PURPOSE and a NEED.

Some causes of pain:

- Previous or recent traumas (whiplash, fractures, sprains, dislocations, muscle tears, falls...)

- Weakened foot muscles due to immobilisation, lack of stimulation or wearing poor footwear or orthotics.

- Repetitive movements during work or sport that put too much strain on certain muscles and too little on others.

- Excessive stress and/or emotional problems.

- Digestive problems (constipation, diarrhoea, bloating, upset stomach, etc.)

Possible complaints:

- Back and neck pain (most common problem in our society)

- Joint pains (frozen shoulder, knee pain, tennis elbow, ankle problems...)

- Headaches (migraines, tension headaches, dizziness)

- Jaw problems (mouth can no longer open or close, clacking sound when chewing...))

- Sports injuries (sprains, tendinitis, muscle tears, cramps...)

- Organ dysfunctions (intestinal problems, heartburn and/or belching, bloated feeling...)

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Therapy, what are we going to do about it?

By first making a good diagnosis (conversation, tests...) we will try to find out the cause of your complaints, sometimes there are several possible causes. (the most important part of the therapy!!!).
Next, we will use different techniques to bring the body back into balance as quickly as possible so that the body is strong enough to start its own healing process again. We will use osteopathy, manual therapy, neurological biofeedback stimulation, IRT (injury recoil technique), massage, nutritional advice and supplements, breathing exercises, emotional release techniques. Not only the cause will be tackled, but also the compensations need to be treated to ensure that the symptoms do not return over time.