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Dynamic, powerful, purifying, exhilarating and precise

Ashtanga Yoga

Is Yoga a bunch of fluff? If there is one form of Yoga that does away with this stereotype, then it is Ashtanga Yoga. It does not get any more dynamic than this. This yoga practice gets one in top shape, energetic and full of vitality. Everyone can participate, but Ashtanga Yoga is hard work indeed! You have to keep tempo with the practice and that is fantastic, but also intense.
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Fun, playful, deepening and understanding of yourself

Vinyasa Yoga

Bolero. The musical jewel of Ravel is intensifying. Powerful from beginning to end. Repetitive as well, but steadily stronger, deeper, richer. This also applies to the Vinyasa yoga lesson at AntwerpYoga. You can count on a great experience and insight into your Self. Vinyasa Yoga originates from Ashtanga Yoga. They are two physical forms of Yoga that are characterized by the non-stop movement.
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Soft, calm, basic, decomposing

Easy Flow Yoga

Easy Flow Yoga is relaxation par excellence. Just as with each style of Yoga, your posture and breathing form the foundation, and it’s just the tempo that slows down. In this class you will not encounter any complicated poses, but you will have simple stretching exercises that are good for the body and limbs.
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Boundary-breaking, deep, slow, relaxing, healing

Yin Yoga

Do you enjoy staying a bit longer in a pose? And, do you feel better with the knowledge that you can adjust a posture when it becomes too demanding? If you say ‘yes’ to both questions, then Yin Yoga is your style. Divinely calm and refreshing.

Only if you experience completely your body as it is, then do you go further with Yoga. Yin Yoga provides this for you at all times. In a Yin Yoga lesson, you stretch your body and then you come to stillness. The exercises are soft and relaxing, and you remain in them for a long time in the same pose so that you can properly observe what is happening with your body. With Yin Yoga, you use each posture to better feel your body. Thus, you learn to accept your limits and then suddenly...the exercise indeed abides.
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