Thai Massage

Thai massage or Nuad Boran is not just a massage. In this treatment, the practitioner uses thumbs, palms, elbows, forearms, knees and feet to balance your entire body and consciousness. Through the unique integration of yoga poses, it is a particularly uplifting experience from which you will return rejuvenated and relaxed. Traditional Thai massage makes little use of oils and is usually done clothed on a mat. It is a unique tradition that has only been preserved and developed in Thailand, but has its ancient roots in India (in Ayurveda and Yoga). The beneficial and even therapeutic effects are numerous, whether you are into yoga or sports or not. There are few contraindications, but always report any acute or chronic condition before starting the treatment. The style I practise is typical of my teacher Homprang Chaleekanha, one of Thailand's most renowned Thai traditional healers.

Herbal compresses

Thai Traditional Medicine - of which massage is a part - is essentially an indigenous herbal medicine. Thai Traditional Medicine (TTM), like Chinese traditional medicine, is officially recognised and requires medical training. The knowledge and collection of the herbs is a speciality of the local healers, passed on from generation to generation.For the non-medical relaxation massage I offer, I use imported herbal compresses. These are carefully composed of dried ingredients and provide without counter-idications a beneficent added value during the massage. The use of compresses is thus universally safe and does not require any medical knowledge or licence as would be the case for internal applications of herbs. The active ingredients of the herbs that are released in combination with pressure and heat when the compresses are used bring about immediate relaxation, but there are also deep-acting effects. For example, it can help reduce chronic inflammation of both muscle and connective tissue. It relieves aches and pains and stimulates circulation, which can promote recovery from injuries and fractures. The combined herbs are antiseptic and have a good effect on the skin and - thanks to their aromatic qualities - also on the mind.

Photos taken in 2015-16 at Baan Hom Samunphrai, the school of Mistress Homprang Chaleekanha.

Bart Fidlers

Bart Fidlers offers Swedish massage, Sports massage and Thai oil massage. Cupping and medical taping can be incorporated into the treatments. Bart has been fascinated with the human body since childhood and graduated in biomedical sciences at the University of Antwerp. In his massage techniques, he brings together that knowledge and the passion to help people. Bart is probably already known as the longest serving yoga teacher at AntwerpYoga, teaching Ashtanga Yoga since the opening in 2007. Besides that, he is also a born athlete. Bart played water polo for years in the First Division of Belgium and then focused on triathlons for several years. With his experience and insight in the human body you are literally in good hands.